Sunday, September 19, 2004

Hurricane Ivan Hits Saltillo!

Well! An exciting weekend in Saltillo... or at least an exciting Friday night/Saturday morning. The remnants of Hurricane Ivan came and sat over Pennsylvania, sending small streams over their banks and into our basements. At least in this part of PA they are just SMALL streams! Harrisburg is getting flooded this (Sunday) morning as it is along the Susquehanna River. (Good thoughts to everyone there!)

The basement had four feet in it. The furnace was completely underwater, but my neighbors the plumbing and heating repair guys knew what to do to get it working again once the fire company had me pumped out. Fred was also able to install a new sump pump for me. The old one tried valiantly, but twelve hours of submersion with no rests did it in. I forgot to haul the dehumidifier up the stairs, so it needs replaced as well. After 1986 there was nothing else of value down there, just a muddy mess of old plastic jugs and paper bags that the cats had knocked onto the floor.

Marion has been home from school for three days with an attack of cystitis. I was a little upset to find that she felt well enough on Friday to clean my admittedly in need of it kitchen. I think if she felt that well, she should have come to school. Oh, well. I'll be more insistent next time.

At one point early Saturday morning, I did get worried and move some things up stairs... the important things... all the bags of yarn and WIPs I had in the living room! Most everything else could have been replaced, but the water stayed in the basement where damage was minimal.