Thursday, August 16, 2007

FREE KNITTING PATTERN - Garter and Rib Basketweave Baby Blanket

This is not a precise pattern. It's an idea-generator.

Start with the yarn(s) you like and a needle size that works well with that fiber.

Cast on an uneven multiple of 8. With doubled worsted weight yarn, I cast on 120 stitches (8 x 15... I'm a little superstitious; 13 repetitions would have been wide enough, but...)

Rows 1 through 12: K8 *k1p1 four times, k8* repeat across.

Rows 13 through 24: K1p1 four times, *k8, k1p1 four times* repeat across.

Continue these 24 rows until your blankie is almost long enough, then repeat rows 1 through 12 one more time and bind off loosely.

You get a blanket with nicely scalloped edges, taking advantage of the natural tendancies of ribbing to suck in sideways and garter stitch to pull in top to bottom. When I did this with doubled yarn, the resulting blanket was nice and "cushy", but even the other single stranded ones were quite nice as well.


Copyright 8/16/2007 by Lisa Davis