Saturday, July 31, 2004

Wow, two entries in one month!

School starts in about three weeks for teachers, four for students. We will have in a full week before Labor Day. I'm hosting a French exchange student this year and know already that there will be a German exchange student in one of my French classes.

Cats do NOT like vacuum cleaners! I'm rearranging the furniture in the bedrooms and haven't seen either furball since I fired up the Eureka about two hours ago. (This is a break... it's really hot and humid today.)

On the knitting front, I think I've finally got the Faroese shawl going properly. About fifteen more rows and I'm back to plain old garter stitch with decreases, nothing fancy! On my next break, I think I'll work on something to donate to one of the AC4C charities.

I hear a dust bunny calling my name.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Long time no blog.
Let's see.... the school year ended without incident.  The yearbook got done and should be ready for delivery the first day of school.  I took two classes for continuing ed this summer:  a weeklong workshop at Penn State on Shakespeare (very interesting, ways to incorporate video and music into a lesson) and a writing workshop at the IU (also interesting, now to apply what I learned!)
Fanny returned to Germany the end of June.  I miss her and can't wait until next summer when I go to visit.  I've got to find some way to brush up my poor German so her parents and I don't have to rely totally on Fanny or Nicole to translate for us!
The cats are now going through the giddy teenage phase of their development.  They'll be a year old soon, so I think that's about the equivalent.  Sleeping all day, especially on my bed or in the sun, then running around like idiots chasing each other.   Okay when I'm up, but not appreciated at three in the morning!  If Bubba didn't have fur, he'd be covered with bruises from banging into doorways and furniture when he can't take a corner as fast as Sissy.
Knitting/crocheting:  working on socks to donate to AC4C.  I should also be doing more on the sleeveless top that's part of the knitalong we're doing on DRU.  Instead, I'm finding the squares for the sampler afghan intriguing and attention holding.
Anything to avoid housework!