Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Well, here I am avoiding necessary housework again.

We will be implementing classroll.com during the upcoming school year at Southern Huntingdon. Monday, August 16, is a training for those of us who want to be trainers for the rest of the faculty. Marion will have just arrived late Saturday, so I think she may still be recovering from her jet lag that day. As to whether I can attend the first general training session the next day, that depends on how she feels about being left alone this early! Maybe she'll want to take part in field hockey?

Cats are no good for inspiring one to clean. As I type, Sissy is on another chair curled up and snoozing, and Bubba is sacked out in the original kitty tunnel. I have no clue at all where he was sleeping last night. He disappeared about 9 p.m. and I didn't see him again until shortly before my alarm went off! I say "original" because the other one I ordered four months ago finally came. It's "y" shaped with a hole in the middle under a pompom on a spring. Of course, Bubba HAD to be the first one it it... through all four openings, including the one it the top! He just couldn't stand seeing Sissy in there and dove through the top after her. Unfortunately but hilariously, his back end is a little wider than his front end, so he kind of got stuck. Ethan and I both about rolled on the floor!

On the knitting front, I am finally done with the lace panel at the bottom of the Faroese shawl and am plugging away on the boring garter stitch rest of it. I worry that I may get it mostly done and then decide that I can't stand it, knowing there are mistakes in the lace. Frog pond! My WeatherBug just chirped to warn me again about the storms coming through tonight. Goody. Thunder, lightning, heavy downpours, possible hail, potential for flooding through tomorrow morning. Must be a cold front coming through. After it passes, we will suddenly drop into the 50's overnight Thursday! Saturday looks like it will be a glorious day for the KnitOut at The Mannings! I hope Barbara from DRU can make it!