Thursday, September 09, 2004


Once again, long time no blog!

When last I wrote, I was taking an undeserved break from cleaning my house in preparation to welcome a young lady from France for the year. Things got off on the wrong foot... she arrived a day before I was expecting her! (I'm still really, really sure that if I had been told she was arriving on Friday the 13th, I would have remembered!!!) The house was very messy, it's a very small town... village, really... and she's from VERY near Paris, so things were a little tense.

I "think" we're doing better now. We are interested in many of the same things. I have tidied up a great deal and am learning to do vegetarian foods, while she has resigned herself to the fact that unless she goes home, she will be in a rural area of Pennsylvania for the next nine months. I'm planning lots of trips to big cities!

School started for teachers on Thursday, August 26, and for students the following Monday, so we already have almost two weeks in. Teaching in a high school/middle school combination rather than a junior/senior high school is still "interesting". We're supposed to think of ourselves as two entirely different entities which just happen to share the same building. Much is still "flexible" but improving.

While visiting my mother over Labor Day, we attempted to contact the man who gave me Bubba and Sissy so he could see them. I got them last November when they were about three months old... needless to say, they've grown and changed!

OKC: I'm working on some preemie burial items to send to the listmom of AC4C. All are white, a burial bunting and a crocheted round blanket. I'd like to work on some hats and slippers for Ship Support as well, hoping that hurricanes will soon decide to go somewhere to play OTHER than in Florida where Ellen Harpin-Sattler lives. In between, there's always another pumpkin hat from the never ending ball of orange yarn!