Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Oy! Here it is, almost the end of the school year before I remember to "blog" again!

New cats. They were living under the front porch with their mom and I found them in mid-October. Can't have a black cat outside in Saltillo for Halloween, so I brought them in. Momma was apparently getting ready to lose them any way, because she took off never to be seen again after I adopted her babies.

Teaching. The year is ending far too rapidly for yearbook deadlines. I'm home sick today, so will find out tomorrow if we even have five pages worth of senior class trip pictures.

Knitting. I've also taught an exchange student to knit! Marion made herself a big chunky scarf after we saw so many people wearing them in New York and fondles yarn quite readily. She still asks me, though, to make her specific things... like iPod socks.

I spent last Saturday at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. What fun! I got to meet Barbara Collins, listmom for DRU, and I behaved myself quite well as far as purchases. Only yarn for two pairs of socks, a circular needle row counter, and some Knit Knack cards. I think I'll go early again, so I have time to see everything before the crowds.