Thursday, January 17, 2008

And another semester ends...

My grades are actually already done. (I see you over there, falling down in shock!) It does help that we had to do mid-terms last week because of PSSA testing this week.

I'm starting Romeo and Juliet with the ninth graders. Everyone seems interested except, of course, the third period class. We may have to do some grammar chapters instead, but I hate to do that to the twelve guys who would like to do the play. Le sigh.

The critters are feisty as usual. For some reason or other, this is "Pick on Sissy" month. Even Bubba has been chasing her and biting her. Poor thing, she has to cuddle with me in the evening to be safe!

Knitting continues apace. Oh, my! Tara would now like ANOTHER blanket to match the first one since she has bunk beds. I think I'll let them buy the yarn for this one! I still haven't been inspired to knit the Tofutsi yarn into anything. I just had a horrible thought! It's made of shrimp shells -- what if one or more of the cats EATS them!!! Yikes!

Must go home now and knit something.