Sunday, July 11, 2010


School ended June 8 for students, June 9 for teachers. I, of course, had another two weeks of working on the yearbook, but that got done rather quickly this year.

My goals for the summer are deep cleaning of the house (hmm. still waiting for that to happen!) and planning the French I course with my new textbook. No travel this year, no continuing education. I am, however, doing some of the reading for pleasure and for professional development that I just couldn't seem to find the time for during the school year.

Other plans involve fiber, of course. I went to the Mannings back in June for the spinning seminar. The good news is that I DO know how to use a drop spindle now. The following weekend I was outside Bellefonte at Curtin Mansion. Unfortunately, only one other person showed up, but we still had fun. After that, I went to the Knit In Public event in State College, also fun!

It's July 11, so there's another event at Curtin next weekend (if I decide to go), and the Knit Out at The Mannings in early August. Alisa's baby shower is on August 1 (must finish blankie!) and sometime the following week I'll be getting the yearbooks. School sort of starts for me at that point, so the summer is half over!