Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Knitting

The cats have still not learned to cast on.

I have several things which really need to get into the post for Marion and the baby. I'd like to finish the blanket, but school/work demands certainly do cut into knitting time!

Bill and Isabel were down visiting from Alaska. They were here in PA for Thanksgiving and the first week of deer season, then went down to Mandeville, LA, to visit Janel, Bryan, and Brayden. Bill was getting a lot of ribbing when Mandeville got four inches of snow this week! The next day, of course, the temperature was back into the fifties, so all the snow melted, but at least Brayden got to play in the snow with his pappy.

Exciting new development on the kidney front! Dr. Yang has decided to let me reduce then eliminate prednisone! (YAY) I have to get bloodwork every week for a while, but I'm hoping some of the weight will come off now.