Sunday, December 31, 2006

So, the old year ends.

Yes, she says hopefully, I plan to knit from my stash for most of the coming year. (We won't say anything about those four balls of Noro Kureyon I just ordered from Jimmy Bean's Wool. Will we?)

All four kitties are in good health. Mom may borrow one to try to discourage the mousie immigrants into the walls of the house in Juniata County. Sissy is the best candidate--surviving for three months in the woods proves that she has "some" hunting skills!

Grades were (mostly) caught up before Christmas, and I see that the picture CD made it to Josten's. I'm NOT looking forward to missing days of school in January while doing my civic duty and reporting to the courthouse for possible jury duty.

Well, teaching, cats, knitting. I guess that's it for an end of year summary!

Oh, here are some of the items I knit for Christmas: two hat and mitt sets (Brittany and Jennifer), two additional cabled hats (one black for Travis, one white for Carole), cabled urban trekker hat (Laurie), socks and matching mittens (Laurie), red/white/green socks for Mom, two white dishcloths for Aunt Bev, two spiral rib Noro hats (claimed by Jennifer and Laurie), mitt and scarf set (Alisa), orange and black fun fur scarf for Aunt Bev's friend, novelty orange scarf (claimed by Alisa for one of her friends), and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay, not the last one, but everything else went to Helltown and didn't come back to Saltillo! Also, three scarves from the pink mohair from Nepal. I'm almost certain there's more from the first package somewhere. Now I am done.

Off to do some charity/community knitting for the rest of the year!